Modular Kitchen Course in Delhi

Wicker Basket for Kitchen

Wicker Basket for your Kitchen at Very Reasonable Rate.


We provide Polished and Unpolished Wicker Baskets both.

Normally we make Unpolished Wicker Basket of 450 mm and 600 mm carcasses but on client’s demand, we polish it.  So we provide unpolished and polished both wicker basket for your kitchen. 

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Diploma in Modular Kitchen

The Kitchen is the heart of a home. Knowingly or unknowingly but it attracts all of us. If the kitchen is messy and unorganized then it makes a negative impact on our mood. If it is made according to need and Vastu then certainly it gives us positive energy. Making a good modular kitchen is not a cup of tea, it needs perfect knowledge of the kitchen along with technical knowledge of its components. The kitchen industry is growing very fast and there is a shortage of kitchen professionals. So if you want to join this booming industry call us.